Golf Surprize — We are the best story a golfer could tell about your facility!

We know you care deeply about the story your customers tell their friends and family after a round of golf at your facility. That’s why our mission is to make it the best story that can be told!


Even shooting a score of 100 or losing 3 balls in the lake can now be a positive story if you win something for it. From novices to experts and casual golfers to competitive golfers, player retention and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance these days. We have two products that make sure your golfers have more fun and reap rewards while generating new revenue and benefits for your course.


We made it easy to offer Golf Surprize at your course with no administrative burden. Enhance your player’s enjoyment and stop by hole #10 during the Golf Outing or our table at the Sponsor Fair.


Golf Surprize is the Official Golfers Instant Rewards Partner of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) and proud sponsors of the Alabama-NW Florida, Georgia, and Middle Atlantic PGA Sections.

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Bruce Lucker
CEO, Golf Surprize North America
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Anthony Robinson
Founder, Golf Surprize
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Mark Priester
PGA, Sales Manager
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