Golf Surprize is a new, one of a kind valuable tool for golf events, golf course operators and driving ranges. Instant loyalty, instant databases, instant feedback from customers always with instant revenue. By offering golfers the opportunity to instantly earn credit to spend with you for ANY shot, not just the good ones, a higher priced green fee becomes more valuable. Imagine your current full price green fee as the low price point and selling out.


Golf Surprize values the hard work golf course operators and their teams dedicate to creating unique customer experiences, and firmly believes Golf Surprize makes playing golf more fun and more enjoyable. Golf is first and foremost about having fun, not just about getting better all the time. Staff only need to enter the customer mobile number, which results in an average spend of 2.6 times the prize amount.

Golf Surprize is creating a wave of innovation for the industry and already has products patented in the United States and other countries with more than 300 courses and growing. Golf Surprize has been an official licensee of the PGA of Australia and is currently the Official Instant Rewards Partner of the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) in the U.S.

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Bruce Lucker
President, Golf Surprize, North America

Anthony Robinson
Founder, Golf Surprize

Duane Sinkule
PGA, Regional Sales Manager