Tagmarshal, the world leader in optimizing on-course operations and pace and flow of play management through data-driven software, provides courses with full, real-time operational oversight and reporting.


Powered by machine learning and AI-enhanced algorithms, golf cart GPS data gives golf operators the tools to manage operations effectively, enhancing the player experience, increasing operational efficiency and generating additional revenue.


Offering a range of affordable products suitable for both cart and walking golf courses, Tagmarshal partners with:

  • 35 of the Top 100 courses
  • Over 500 private, daily fee, resort courses and golf management groups
  • Many $30 to $50 green fee courses


Tagmarshal partner, Chip Hierlihy, PGA, General Manager at Fieldstone, shared his experience: “The data has allowed us to optimize tee sheet capacity and improve flow — enhancing the guest experience and increasing golf revenue by 85% within the first 3 years.”


Partners, including $50 daily fee courses, routinely achieve ROI of $100k to more than $300k in additional green fees per annum.


Jim Lombardo, PGA, Head Golf Professional at Erin Hills, says, “Tagmarshal pays for itself a hundred times over.”


Learn more: tagmarshal.com/demo | Contact: [email protected]



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