Hilco Global is a privately held, diversified financial services company and the world’s preeminent authority on maximizing the value of assets for both healthy and distressed companies. Our collection of various financial services leverage a unique blend of deep restructuring and advisory experience with capital solutions and principal investing. We deliver customized solutions to undervalued, high potential companies to resolve complex, stressed situations while enhancing long-term enterprise value.


Operating as a holding company comprised of over twenty specialized business units (of which Hilco Real Estate Sales is a part), Hilco Global works to help companies understand the value of their assets and, as needed, monetize the value. With nearly four decades of success acting as an advisor, agent, investor and/or principal in any transaction, we work to deliver the best possible result by aligning interests with clients and providing strategic insight, advice, and, in many instances, the capital required to complete the transaction.

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, the organization has more than 720 professionals operating on five continents with US offices located in Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia as well as internationally in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and throughout Asia.


To learn more about Hilco Global, Hilco Real Estate Sales and our tailored golf course and resort solutions and how we can assist you, please visit us at https://www.hilcorealestate.com or contact Don Groft (+1 843-894-1755, [email protected]), Ryan Rafter (+1 631-514-9963, [email protected]) and/or Andreas Lagercrantz (+46707747740, [email protected]) directly.

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